“The art tour was excellent. Mark is on target with description, charm and makes LACMA come alive and pops the art off the walls. The tour celebrates the spark and spirit of painting and shows how artists fall in love with their work.”  

-Ms. Helen Marish, 	
Programs Director and Conceptualizer-  The Children’s Museum of Los Angeles

“We’ve traveled to Europe since ‘85. This artist generates an excitement about museums simply not available anywhere else.”

-Mrs. Gina Maestas, Santa Fe, New Mexico

“We recommend him in every way. Mark’s Tours sell out more rapidly than any other event… all logistics are beautifully handled.”

-Mrs. Kerry Reid, The Junior League of Los Angeles- Cultural Events Chair

“Brilliantly factual…the artist speaks accessibly and passionately about every aspect of art.”

-Mr. Vincent Gonzalez,  Pasadena Architectural and Planning Committee- Chairman

“Not only is Mark Venaglia one of the most knowledgeable art historians I know, he is also by far the most dynamic communicator. He makes art of any period exciting and relevant; with boundless energy- and he is FUN.”

-Ms. Annie Combs, The J. Paul Getty Museum- Special Events

“The hours flew by. His enthusiasm swept 30 sophisticated cynics upon a magic carpet ride!”  

-Ms. Beatrice Ingersol, 	Malibu, CA

“I have never before had this kind of amazing museum experience!”  

-Mr. Dennis McBride 	Santa Monica, CA		2006
-Ms. Bronislava White	Brentwood, CA		2007
-Mrs. Alicia Griffin	 	New York City, NY	2008

“As she was encouraged to speak about the paintings,  I learned things about my own daughter I’d been completely unaware of!”  

-Mrs. Cynthia Brahmall, 	Brentwood, CA

“Our family attended 2 art tours in 2006.  Universal Studios and Disneyland have been forgotten. We remember vividly our personal time with a real LA artist.”

-Mr. & Mrs. Erle Mascagni, 	Stockholm, Sweden

“Each time we visit Los Angeles, Mark’s Tours are a must. We now make our travel plans based on the availability of new Tours he offers.”

-Rhea and Leonard Hunt,  	Chicago, Illinois

“In 20 years of teaching, I’ve never seen anyone hold the attention of 12 year olds as did Mark.”  

-Mr. Kyle Stava, 	Fullerton, CA