Mark Venaglia
“…One salutes his command of large formats
     with opulent floral images.
Contemporary Trompe L’oeil by Mark Venaglia.
Above: “Edible Flowers, Box One”
At right: “Edible Flowers, Box Two”
Casein Fresco on muslin 8” x 14”
Acquisition: $5,750. for each original work of art.
Mark Venaglia    PreGoogleMap  Landscapes
In 1992, before ever viewing Google maps’ sweeping topographical technology, I became dedicated to synthesizing floral and landscape paintings. Employing a 300 year old technology we call painting currently provides the Google geography experience. That obsession continues in 2013...
Above - a series of three organic paintings, each piece originated with puddles of 100% organic henna from fruits and vegetables blown across the canvas surface, by the artist, through a straw. Casein Fresco was then applied and ground mica chips suspended in a clear acrylic binder. The illusion of dimension fluctuates a great deal due to the use of opaque and iridescent materials as the viewer moves about the room.
“Heroic Optimist”  16”x 20”    $3,900.
"Language, Thought and Action"  16”x 20”    $3,900.
“In the Realm of the Subliminal"  16”x 20”   $3,900.